Friday, August 28, 2009

Allowance Request

Well, here goes.

I have counter offered on the property and asked for a credit towards the cost of redoing the entire electrical in the house on Wilcox Street. The estimated cost to redo the electrical is around $15,500. *Gulp*

My realtor, who has been great by the way, is 100% sure that they will not agree to the full cost of electrical repair but when presented with the entire inspection report for the house and the store listing all the multitude of items that need to be repaired, we are hoping that they will agree to half of the electrical cost.

Crossing my fingers and saying my prayers!


  1. $15,500!!! double gulp! I hope they offer at least 1/2!! Good luck!

  2. okay that last post was me jessica but I can't figur out how to comment as me?? oh well!

  3. Wow- I will keep my fingers crossed for your new very old house. Surely they will agree so they can get it off their hands! Brig